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Semaphore Mobile, founded in 2002, specializes in the development of custom application software for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

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Testing the Top of its Class; APPdev Semaphore Mobile Studies Up!

Almost a decade into the technology of mobile applications – as the public clicks, swipes, and types, the stakes are high for the millions of apps posted to the market and patience for products that misfire, is rare.

While the products that apps are built for have changed over the years – evolving constantly with updates and new forums and formats posting by the minute – so too have the ways for developers to test for those products and the learning curve – is but quick!

“When the Appstore opened, everything was tested manually – an easy trial as Apple’s product format is one background,” said Eric Silverthorn, President of Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile – the area’s longest standing development house.  “Testing for Android presents an issue regarding manual testing because with so many device types, so many manufacturers, the many users have Android operating systems that are several years old. Android – not a one-stop test all.”

“Automated testing can be helpful however scripts have to be written correctly because errors likely create situations where developers are chasing bugs that don’t truly exist,” said Silverthorn, whose Semaphore Mobile posted 12 products to the 2008 opening of the App Store, and followed with Google almost immediately.  “Developers testing have to answer the question of ‘are problems in the code I have deployed a part of the app, or is the issue related to the test platform we are using.’”

With a 100 percent of the Semaphore Mobile development team in Dallas, the group is able to be on task, and on the money, for its clients.  Testing is done in-house and then with the client, before sending products to market.

For Semaphore Mobile, in its tenth year of developing for Apple and Android operating systems – with close to 400 iPhone apps and nearly 300 for Android – their design, and testing capabilities, put them at the top of the class.

To contact Semaphore Mobile – call 972.679.7165, visit SemaphoreMobile.com,  ServerDevelopmentDallas.com or email [email protected]