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Semaphore Mobile, founded in 2002, specializes in the development of custom application software for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

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WrAPPing Up the Year With Updates, Upgrades, & New Products!

It’s the end of the year and people are fitting in their last minute medical checkups, dental appointments, and treatments to be sure they are healthy – ready for the New Year more wealthy and wise!  With many upgrades and new products on the market, and millions of products being purchased between Black Friday and after-Christmas sales, making sure the products you are providing to your clients – and moreso the products you want to provide to new customers are fresh, clean, and able to meet and beat the needs of the ever-growing mobile market.

“You can’t just build, release, and watch and wait – you have to test, and retest – to update and be ahead of the market,” said Eric Silverthorn, president of Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile which has produced nearly 400 iPhone apps and close to 300 for Android users.  With its full team working in the DFW Metroplex, Semaphore Mobile creates from the start, and is able to update, and upgrade, its own products and those built by others.  “The millions of apps that are out there and being used are pulling from your product and you need to be sure than when a user comes to you, it’s working – and it’s sharp.”

With each new model of phone, tablet, and more, even the slightest of updates to an app brings the possibility for bugs to creep into the programs.  Testing, testing, and testing again is of course key, but even with the greatest of preparation, given the combinations of technology, it’s sometimes difficult to beat the bugs.

“Bugs are the beast and they’re out there but the more we test, the more we communicate with our clients, the better chance we have of being polished,” said Silverthorn, his team dedicated to working with their clients; regular testing, regular follow-up meetings, and support available once the product is released.   “Short of our customers each having a fulltime team – and that comes at a mighty overhead, allowing our team to be involved with your product and review on a regular schedule, will save time, frustration, and negative response from users.  It’s not always ‘easy’ to beat the bugs – but that’s what we do.  Moving apps ahead with operating systems upgrades is a must.”

It isn’t about reinventing the wheel, just making the wheels you have spin sleeker, perhaps be shinier, hold more tread, and most certainly perform – and out-perform – out on the road.

Semaphore Mobile joins the App and Google stores now in a decade in providing creative, responsive, and reliable products to the market – with many of its clients returning for their support and referring their service.

Check-in, and check up, your product with Semaphore Mobile’s team and ready yourself, and your users, with a fresh start, to a fresh year.

To contact Semaphore Mobile – call 972.679.7165, visit SemaphoreMobile.com,  ServerDevelopmentDallas.com or email [email protected]