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Semaphore Mobile, founded in 2002, specializes in the development of custom application software for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

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Semaphore APPlying Expertise; IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows for the constant advancement of that which is good – and making it better. As mobile app developers for more than a decade, long before an “app” was called an “app” – Dallas’ Semaphore Mobile was building “productivity tools,” so too has the team been creating IoT products long before there was such a moniker.

“IoT is all about access to information and the opportunities are limitless from phones or any other internet access,” said Semaphore’s Founder and President, Eric Silverthorn, whose company has developed nearly 400 iPhone apps and close to 300 for Android. “We’ve been building the technology since it was simply called ‘engineering,’ – now, it’s IoT. Whatever you want to call it, it can make any industry, any company, any user, stronger.”

The industry isn’t mellowing any time soon, more products, more tools, and more options available and always on the horizon. With the population using their phones, for much more than talking – lots more than they are talking the opportunities for apps to be received, used, and relied upon grows literally every second – of every day – for every product.

Semaphore has developed apps for iPhone and Android devices in numerous fields, from a lighting company who can control the illumination in their stores or on billboards to a utility company to determining how much, and how, its customers are using electricity. A softdrink company is determining its inventory in any given machine, how much money is being held, and what needs replacing.

“We have a definite understanding both the hardware and software needs of our customers and of how I0T can be implemented to meet their needs,” said Silverthorn, “Our expertise enables our customers to cost effectively use the technology – and the technology to support our customers’ best.”

To reach Semaphore Mobile, call 972.679.7165, email [email protected], or visit SemaphoreMobile.com