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Semaphore Mobile, founded in 2002, specializes in the development of custom application software for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

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Happy Anniversary App Store – Semaphore Mobile, There from the Start, Wishes the Best

This month marks a decade since the Apple Store opened and Dallas-area based mobile app developer Semaphore Mobile has been there from the start.  With a dozen apps loaded from the go, and nearly 400 since – along with almost 300 Android system apps, the Dallas-based company isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

“It’s been a great 10 years and we look forward to continuing the service and success we have in the future,” said Semaphore Mobile’s founder and President, Eric Silverthorn, whose development team is locally based, more than 20-percent of the company’s business from organizations who first ventured with overseas groups.  “Everyday this business changes and we are growing right along with it.  Our experience, and the value of our developers, managers, and admin team, is something our clients can count on.”

Millions have found an “app for that,” and Silverthorn – his team at Semaphore Mobile one of the mobile app industry’s development forerunners, long before the Apple tree was planted.

In 2002, a Liberia-based client of Semaphore Mobile requested the ability for security and productivity tools.  With Blackberry and Nokia at the helm of the market, Semaphore Mobile created a format that focused on the provision of mobile application software solutions to enterprise customers.  The product line expanded to include the prototyping and development of industrial control systems that interconnect to mobile networks, and Semaphore Mobile’s products allowed users to transmit and receive data in remote environments – services which continue today.

With the 2008 announcement that Apple would be hosting software applications used on iPhone and iTouch devices, it was a natural transition for Semaphore Mobile to enter the mobile app development arena.

There were 500 apps available on the App Store in its premiere summer, today that number is over two million, and for Android users there are nearly another four million.  That’s a lot of competition, and the Dallas mobile development field has grown – with many companies that come – and go – in a blink.  The Semaphore Mobile App development team has survived, and grown stronger.

“It was seamless for us to take the  internal communication tools we’d been building for years and develop them for the masses, for industry, for entertainment, for social communications, and really in an unlimited realm for public market,” said Silverthorn.  “Day one on the App Store we loaded a Craigslist App and from there we’ve built hundreds for dozens of industries and interests.  The possibilities are as varied as the need and the creative concepts that cross our desks.”

Throughout the country and indeed in North Texas, entrepreneurship has flourished and continues to do so with co-working spaces, online commerce, and businesses small and large being introduced it seems weekly.  For Semaphore Mobile, that community has provided opportunity, and for the community, Semaphore Mobile provides fulfillment.

“We work both with established businesses and startups, assisting with developing mobile applications and backend systems,” said Silverthorn, an entrepreneur who understands the mind, needs, and dreams of his clientele.

Semaphore Mobile’s mobile application development has supported entertainment, health care, browser, e-commerce, mobile network monitoring tools, points of interest GPS/triangulation location, GSM remote command and control of industrial equipment, security software message encryption, and more.

“We have clients who’ve come back to us for updates and upgrades, for second and third new applications,” said Silverthorn.  “The idea that there’s an ‘App for that’ is real, and despite the millions out there, at Semaphore Mobile, we aren’t slowing down and our creativity, and ability to help our clients succeed, builds with every opportunity.”

Happy Birthday App Store – Semaphore Mobile looks forward to another decade, and those that follow.

To reach Semaphore Mobile, call 972.679.7165, email [email protected], or visit SemaphoreMobile.com