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Semaphore Mobile, founded in 2002, specializes in the development of custom application software for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

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It’s “App”ropriate to ask questions of your developer ** Questions when searching for your team

There are no silly questions in life and there definitely aren’t any silly questions when it comes to finding the answers that make your product a hit.  Semaphore Mobile’s founder and president Eric Silverthorn, a leader in the mobile app industry since day one, is happy to confide, provide, and share the not-so-secrets of success.

The Dallas-area-based Semaphore Mobile team, which has developed close to 400 iPhone Apps and nearly 300 Android operating system products, has hit the mark from health care and business apps to entertainment and productivity tools and they’re APPsolutely on top of it.

I bought it but .. is “my” app really mine?

When you hire a developer, and pay the bills, the coding for your product belongs to YOU – or it should!  When the time comes to update, reskin, or provide any support for your app, you don’t want to have to find the developer and hope your materials are available.

It’s built, it’s done – how to get my app published?

Apps can be posted by a developer or the product’s owner.  Allowing a team with history with the APP Store and Google Play to load for you can bring experience and connections.  While the app owner can have success, a company like Semaphore Mobile, with hundreds of apps posted, might likely see the product cleared and posted more quickly.

What will it cost – why so expensive?

What does the burger cost when you go out to dinner?  There’s the burger price, then the add-ons of mushrooms and onions and maybe an avocado!  There’s sauces and more and before you’re done – that burger price has changed!  It doesn’t mean you won’t order it, or you don’t “need” it, but it’s tough to give a flat fee.  Your app?  Same thing!  Any developer who can promise a flat fee without sincere discussion and requirement research – is promising trouble because it’s not very likely possible.  Pricing can be firm-fixed, a flat-rate fee where the developer assumes the risk – and that’s usually higher so they don’t get caught!  Otherwise, investigate the concept of an hourly rate, usually paid against a retainer, but one that allows the client to see – every step of the way, where money is needed.  Want more, add more! Budget tight? Easy to reevaluate “needs” vs “wants.”

You develop – it’s my product. How much input do I have?

This is YOUR product – your end goal – your vision!  Your input is what brings about the final results.  As your developer hits milestones, and together you test and clear, the reigns become yours to push forth.  Your developer is just that – the team to create, build, and make it happen per YOUR voice, YOUR decisions, YOUR insight.

Never stop asking questions – none are without value – and the more you understand the process, the more you’re likely to succeed. At Semaphore Mobile, it’s a weekly call, a conference video review, team testing from all sides.  Q&A all the way.  Contact Semaphore Mobile and you’ll be hAPPy you did!

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To reach Semaphore Mobile, call 972.679.7165, email [email protected], or visit SemaphoreMobile.com