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APPlying Privacy Policy Notice – Apple Says Now’s the Time!

Privacy Policy Metadata Now Required for Apple Store Submissions

It’s time to link up for all apps beginning this week when posting privacy policies becomes a must-do for all apps, beyond the current existing requirement for those with subscriptions.  As of October 3, 2018, developers must provide a link – in the App Store Connect metadata field, as well as within the app in an “easily accessible manner.”

Apple promises users they are transparent in all data collection and in this season of social media, to understand just how “social” their information might be.

The requirement previously obliging developers to post privacy policies to apps that require a subscription now includes all, including those submitted for distribution on the App Store and through TestFlight external testing – those needing, and those not requiring, Internet connections.

“Important for app users to understand how their personal data is used – doesn’t change for the owner – just to identify if, what, and how any personal information gleaned is used,” says Eric Silverthorn, President of Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile which has developed nearly 400 iPhone apps and close to 300 for Android.  The company’s lead team working together since they premiered a dozen products the day the App Store launched.

“This is really minor in terms of the building of an app ,” said Silverthorn, “not at all a significant time allotment – and if the client has the resources, it can of course be done in-house, rather than thru us.”

In addition to how data is retained and all deletion policies, users must also be informed on how they can request erasure of their data as well as withdraw any and all consents.  Posted policies must also share any data the app or service gathers, how that data is received, and how the data might be used. Any third party that the data is shared with must also provide that same protection.

Privacy not only a policy – but a push by Apple to have its customer base believing in their product, secure, literally, in understanding how and what might be culled and how it might be used.  For the developers, and the users – permission APPsolutely priority!

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