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Semaphore Mobile, founded in 2002, specializes in the development of custom application software for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

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H“APP”iness is it all coming together

Why a dedicated project manager is key…

You’re in! You’ve connected with the mobile app development company, you’ve set your budget and design requests, and it’s time to roll.  How your product gets done on time (or early!), on budget (or under!), and to your specs (or even greater!) is largely in the lap(top) of your project manager.

“The first thing the client and I do is agree on a set of stories for the developers and the design team to work on.  Depending on the client’s needs we start with wire frames and progress from there to design mock-ups to actual early builds of the application so they can see exactly what they will be getting in the finished product.  We use the agile development process so the customer gets to provide frequent feedback on their application as it comes together,” said Renee Phillips, who has served as Project Manager at Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile since the company began in 2008.  “The client and I work together to achieve the reality of what the client envisioned for their application.”

From discovery, estimate and approval to the kickoff, build review, coding, iterative changes and testing through to final approval and delivery to App Store or Google Play, the Project Manager keeps the dots connected, the pages flowing, and stress levels at bay.

“I make sure each member of our team has what they need to complete the job on time and on budget,” said Phillips. “We’re constantly moving the development process forward and that’s why Semaphore’s model works and how we have delivered so many successful iPhone and Android apps to the stores.”

Project management allows for the monitoring and overseeing of project tasks whether the scope of your prospective mobile application is large or small. The reason why small organizations steer clear of project management due to budget constraints, Semaphore has found it a budget saver – an expense that actually supports the client wholly to their best interest, by keeping all on track, organized, and aware of the full process.

Management: a noun with the definition of “the act or manner of managing; handling, direction, or control.”  It’s your business, your money, your risk – at Semaphore Mobile, our management team assures your handling, and your direction, are always under control!

To contact Semaphore Mobile – call 972.679.7165, visit  SemaphoreMobile.comServerDevelopmentDallas.com or email [email protected]

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