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Semaphore Mobile, founded in 2002, specializes in the development of custom application software for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

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Semaphore Mobile APPlauds 11 Years of Creating an App for That; Nearly 800 Apps for This, That, and ALL of That!


It’s a given now that there’s an “app for that,” with millions on the market, and for 11 years this month, Dallas-based Semaphore Mobile has been on the boards.  With a dozen apps loaded day one, the company has now developed nearly 800 products for iPhone and Android.

“Mobile applications are much more complicated and the excitement of what we create, and how we can meet our clients’ needs continues to grow,” said Eric Silverthorn, Semaphore Mobile’s founder and president.  “Our team is intuitive, talented, and sharp and our clients expect tools to meet the market’s influx of new and upgraded phones, tablets, and accessories – they expect, and we provide.”

Semaphore’s production team rounds itself out working with both new customers and those returning for updating, upgrading, and reformatting.

“We’re always thrilled to build new relationships and we’re honored to work with some of our clients for years, continuing to support their needs,” said Silverthorn.  “Our professional team has remained intact since the start and our customers know to trust our recommendations and our experience.”

Semaphore’s app builds have included those for health care, entertainment, E-commerce, browser applications, mobile network monitoring tools, points of interest GPS/triangulation location, GSM remote command, control of industrial equipment, and security software message encryption.

“There’s little we haven’t built and almost every day we have a call that’s a new challenge and we’re here to meet it, build it and make it happen.”

To reach Semaphore Mobile, call 972.679.7165, email [email protected], or visit SemaphoreMobile.com