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Semaphore Mobile, founded in 2002, specializes in the development of custom application software for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

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Semaphore Mobile APPlauds 2020’s Opportunities!

As 2020 APPears, excitement and enthusiasm for what is to come is soaring and from the “light bulb” moment of application ideas, to the post on the App Store or Google Play, mobile applications are far and wide in their production.
Concepts come in ranging from a short list of  “I have an idea and this is what I want my app to do,” to a complete profile of grand design.
“We guide our clients through the process but it’s important for the client to take ownership of the App and what they want it to be,” said Eric Silverthorn, founder and President of Semaphore Mobile, a Dallas-area based development firm that has created close to 400 iPhone operating system Apps and close to 300 for Android systems.  “We’ve taken projects from dream drawings on napkins and those with highly technical formatting and, in the end, they’ve all hit the store and completed the need.”
Lead developers and project management come together to understand the scope of a project, they create a timeline and estimate, and to determine what functionalities are realistic. Once contracts are put in place, the “I”s dotted and “T”s crossed, it takes a development team – a cohesive team – to bring an app to reality.
Deciding whether to develop for iPhone or Android, or both, is a consideration for both the bottom line and the practicality to provide service or need.Semaphore Mobile’s creative and development process includes research and follow thru on the discovery, estimate, and approval of a prospective piece.
Once a contract is signed, developers kickoff, create a build review, coding, iterative changes and testing, and then, upon final approval of the customer, the product is delivered to the App Store or Google Play.
“Our team is strong and we’re able to work together in-house and with our clients, from design to creation and post,” said Silverthorn. “With hundreds of successful apps up and running we are a proven group with great results.”
To contact Semaphore Mobile – call 972.679.7165, visit SemaphoreMobile.com, ServerDevelopmentDallas.com, or email [email protected].com