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Semaphore Mobile, founded in 2002, specializes in the development of custom application software for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

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7 Benefits of Choosing a Local Developer for Your Local Business

Mobile apps are becoming a significant way to reach out to customers and increase brand recognition. With millions of mobile apps on the market over the last 12 years, as a local business, you may be wondering whether a mobile app is right for you. The phrase “there’s an app for that” indeed lives true.

There are many reasons why Semaphore Mobile, providing mobile app development from the get-go, can benefit your business.

  1. Based in Dallas, Texas, mobile app developer, Semaphore Mobile is a creative, talented, professional team providing the best to its clients since before “app
    was word on the tip of everyone’s tongue.  With its ownership, project management and development team all in the central time zone, it isn’t the middle of the night “somewhere” when you need to connect. 
  2. A mobile app is a great way to increase awareness and build brand recognition. Semaphore Mobile, a leading mobile app development Dallas-based company, has helped its customers do just that with over 800 iPhone and Android products delivered. By creating a mobile app that your customers enjoy using, you are creating a successful advertisement for your brand. The more your customers use the app, the more they will learn about your business and begin to recognize it elsewhere.
  3. A mobile app helps you be more visible and accessible to customers. The average person spends several hours a day on their mobile phone, scrolling through messages, notifications and apps. Having your mobile app downloaded onto their phone can even create visibility for your company, even when the customer isn’t using it, as they see your company’s icon as they scroll thru – perhaps unconsciously remembering it.
  4. You company’s mobile app is a direct connection to your customers. A significant benefit of working with Semaphore Mobile is their experience in providing direct links to customers. You can use this connection to keep customers updated on the news, special events/promotions for your business. If you use the push “in-app” notification option, you can remind customers about deadlines, upcoming events, always creating a unique experience.
  5. Semaphore Mobile, one of the longest serving companies, in the field of mobile app development, can help you stand out against your competition. It isn’t only large corporations that benefit from having an app, and as a local business, the Semaphore Mobile team knows the importance of supporting other local businesses.  Adding a mobile app to your marketing plan will have customers viewing your brand as a modern and forward-thinking.
  6. By working with Semaphore Mobile, a leading area mobile app developer, you can create a product to help you increase customer loyalty. Customers are bombarded with advertisements every day, and a mobile app can make a significant impact on the direct connection. Businesses use mobile apps to provide customers with information, promotional gifts, birthday discounts and other special offers. Clients, and prospective clients are likely to see and act upon these messages on their phone, which will go a long way toward developing brand loyalty.
  7. Searching “mobile app development Dallas,” and choosing Semaphore Mobile, will connect you with a company which offers unique features and services. A mobile app typically comes with a variety of unique features that match specific markets and industries. Whether your business allows for reservations, provides services or offers retail purchasing, your app can be tailored as a one-of-a-kind experience for your clientele, with a variety of payment and support options.
  8. Mobile apps improve engagement with customers, and this may be the most crucial benefit of having Semaphore Mobile as your mobile app developer. Many customers prefer to communicate using text options through an app, rather than calling directly. Providing such connections allows your customers easy access to ask questions, make reservations, or purchase products.

Additionally, you can use the mobile app to send in-app notifications about upcoming sales, exclusive deals, and other information. If you provide information that is relevant and interesting to customers, they will be more likely to engage with your business. Including Semaphore Mobile, a leading mobile app development Dallas company, as part your small business marketing plan is good business, for your business.

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