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Why Your Business Cannot Afford To Be Without a Mobile App

Many small business owners wrongfully assume they cannot afford a mobile app. In reality, not having one will do you more harm than good. According to Forbes, the mobile app industry will be worth over $100 billion in the next couple of years. Investing in an app today will boost your company more than you could ever imagine.

While apps were once only for well-established, big brands, they are now accessible to companies of all sizes. Nearly everyone uses a mobile phone, and for many of them, a smartphone is their primary internet device. A poor mobile experience drives 40-percent of customers to a competitor. Mobile apps are no longer optional, they have become a necessity. Here is how you can benefit:

Better Customer Engagement

Building a loyal customer base is the key to success. As a business owner, you want to create marketing funnels to grow your audience, and a mobile app is a great way to do this. Once you have an app available, you can encourage consumers to download and interact with it. Since they will see it on their phone every day, they will become more engaged with your brand.

You can implement rewards programs, coupons, or even promotions into your app, which will make more people want to try it out. There are so many ways you can encourage engagement with an app, from having email list signups to connecting with social media. Think of a mobile app as a direct marketing channel. It is useful for gaining new customers, as well as retaining the ones you already have.

Boost Brand Profitability

Consumerism drives the economy. Whether a person wants to buy a new product or replenish and old one, most of them will turn to their smartphone, tablet, or laptop for assistance. While they could head online to start browsing, mobile apps are more convenient. Consumers can access apps from anywhere, and within a matter of moments, they will find what they need.

Apps are usually faster than websites, and in most cases, they are also easier to navigate. Once a consumer downloads your app, they are more likely to open it to fulfill a need, whether they want to play a game or buy a product. While you can market your brand online, you will find that a significant number of your sales come from the mobile app. You will see a considerable return on your investment.

Showcase Your Brand How You See Fit

Developing a mobile app puts you in the driver seat. It’s your app, so you have complete control over every aspect of it. App developers can personalize your app to meet the needs of your business. From choosing fonts and colors to integrating a checkout platform, it is all up to you.

Why is this important? Consumers prefer to do business with brands to which they can relate. Just the way your icon appears will show a potential customer what your brand is all about. Creating an app that’s suitable for your industry will boost brand recognition, help grow your audience, and increase sales.

Increased Customer Visibility

Marketing is everywhere. Driving down the street, you will see billboards. There are commercials during every television show. Even walking through the grocery store will expose you to subliminal advertising. Marketing works, and having a mobile app is one way to market to a broader audience with little work on your behalf.

Think about this, the average person spends two or more hours on their mobile devices each day. There are billions of smartphone users in the world. The more people who can find your brand while scrolling their phone, the more money you’ll make.

With a mobile app, not only will your company name be more visible, but so will your logo. As more users download the app, your visibility will increase even more. You will be able to market to your audience more efficiently, and customers will become loyal fans. The more your brand is out in the public view, the better your bottom line.

In Conclusion

Business owners need to do whatever it takes to make their brand stand out from the crowd. Just getting a customer to see your logo and name 20 times will make them remember your brand. In addition to having a functional website, you need a mobile app to take your business to the next level. The more presence you have, the sooner your brand will become a household name. A developer can help you design an app to meet the needs of your customers, and you will be able to enjoy an increase in profits.