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The Significance of Mobile Application Development and the Changing Business Perception

It is an undeniable fact that the use of smartphones occupies an increasingly important role within our societies. We witnessed the appearance and democratization of mobile phones in the 1990s, and the appearance of the first mobile applications in the 2000s. It led to a new type of computer expert: the developer of mobile applications.

In recent times, you can easily observe more people using smartphones or even tablets. Mobile development is a phenomenon that has grown considerably in just a few years. Following this trend is important since it allows companies to create innovative services or even improve their communication.

Mobile development: what are the benefits for businesses?

Are you wondering how mobile application development can be good for businesses? First of all, it increases their productivity, which results in more satisfied customers. Also, it means less administrative costs and less paperwork to complete. Finally, mobile apps allow companies to offer innovative services and better communication.

How to use mobile technology?

Whether in the real estate, construction, or even the events-management sector, there are many ways for businesses to use mobile technology. Mobile development can, for example, be useful for editing / modifying quotes and invoices, customer follow-up, remote event management (at any time of the day and wherever you are found), and monitoring construction sites and other remote businesses. Whatever your field of interest is, mobile technology can be an essential ally.

Know the specifics of a mobile system

A mobile device has multiple roles. Applications must, therefore, be able to function well despite receiving calls and other types of interruptions. The user interface must be in accordance with our way of using mobile devices and must also be pleasant and well thought-out. Some important factors to consider are the size of the screen, the storage of a mobile phone, the type of operating system, and the user interface, among others. In addition, depending on the tool used (phone, tablet, etc.), special features linked to the keyboard must not be overlooked when developing the design of an application.

Set up a mobile system within your company

Do you want a mobile system to be implemented in your company? Our first piece of advice: call on a company specializing in mobile development. Then, together, define the goals you want to achieve. Finally, think about different aspects of your own use of mobile devices: emails, sites that you like very much or not at all, applications that you like or hate to use, etc.

Mobile development and the question of data security

Putting a company’s data online, whether on a computer, a smartphone, or even a tablet, can be a source of concern. To counter the various risks that exist, passwords, data encoding, and other access restrictions have evolved. The rapidly growing mobile application development process will be working to discover other solutions in the months and years to come.

The tasks of the Mobile Developer

Mobile developers focus of the technical implementation and development of applications for smartphones and other tablets. This can entail the creation of an application from scratch, the adaptation of a website, or even the optimization of an already-existing application. The mobile developer must also make the applications visually attractive. The smartphone professional therefore has multiple missions: analyze the specifications (most often provided by the mobile web project manager with whom he collaborates), choose a technical solution that meets the client’s needs, and of course, create the application in question.

Whether the choice is Android, iOS, or Windows, a mastery of standards and programming languages is essential, including Web style sheets, HTML, and CSS, and an additional knowledge of JavaScript and Flash.

The mobile development market: a still young and constantly growing market

Companies today recognize the importance of mobile and application development. Back in 2018, it was estimated that the mobile applications sector would represent 63 billion dollars and generate nearly 5 million jobs.

Games lead the ranking of the most developed mobile applications since they are both the most used and also the most profitable. In 2015, 41% of all applications produced were games, compared to 32% for entertainment, while business applications represented 8% of the total. This last category, however, is increasing since the omnipresence of digital within our societies obliges companies to develop their own application.

No matter what type of mobile application you are looking to develop, contact Semaphore Mobile to help you navigate the ever-changing market of smartphones and mobile development.