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Semaphore Mobile, founded in 2002, specializes in the development of custom application software for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

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I park, I affix my mask, I enter the storefront and I stop – behind the polka dot on the floor letting me know I’m six-feet-away from the closest human. It’s how we shop, pickup food, how we’ll vote and how we … how we do almost anything as the pandemic has brought about the need to comply for health and welfare of consumers and vendors.

Recently I was in a “nationally recognized” shipping center. I wait at my spot, then made my way up to the next, and the next. Once I got to the front of the line the clerk asked where I wanted to ship my package to, what was my mailing address, what was my account number – or for whatever form of payment I wished to use. A few more blanks filled in, I tapped the “go” on the pad (nothing sanitary about that), and my shipment would be off.

What a fail.