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Semaphore Mobile, founded in 2002, specializes in the development of custom application software for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

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From generation to generation – you’ve created your Android or iPhone apps– and you are ready to expand your family tree!  There are as many how(s) and why(s) of building an alternative format, or to expand and make a “few” changes as there are apps – and then umpteen times that many!

Android or iPhone  - iPhone or Android … which (should come) first – the chicken or the egg? “It’s as simple as the fact that it’s less expensive to build an iPhone app, than one for Android, because with Android there are so many more formats. ...

Privacy Policy Metadata Now Required for Apple Store Submissions It’s time to link up for all apps beginning this week when posting privacy policies becomes a must-do for all apps, beyond the current existing requirement for those with subscriptions.  As of October 3, 2018, developers must...